Reading in the dark - Kestrell's accessible and blind-friendly holiday gift suggestions
November 6th, 2010
07:51 am


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Kestrell's accessible and blind-friendly holiday gift suggestions
Note: this is not my personal wishlist, although there are a couple of things on this list which I do lust after, but rather this is a list of nifty accessible gift ideas for blind people.
Also, the next Tek Talk show on Nov. 8 will feature Stocking Stuffers.

The National Braille Press Bookstore
has lots of good stuff available in many formats including downloadable braille, but a seasonal recommendation would be
1. A Wish for Wings that Work

Opus the penguin wants nothing more than to be able to fly like the snow ducks - but, of course, penguins can't fly. So he writes a letter to Santa asking
for wings that work. November 2010 Book Club Selection. In contracted braille with picture descriptions. Ages 4-8.
Format: Print/Braille

From the NBP Everything Braille Fun and Games Page
2. How about a braille coffee mug?
3. The NBP braille links page also points to Etsy as a source of handmade braille products, when I looked there were 99 pieces of braille jewelry, my favorite being the Boo bat necklace
4. Or you could get a braille t-shirt, tank, or sweatshirt with the saying in raised braille (this uses PuffInk)
5. You can also get a custom-made t-shirt using crystals or studs for the braille dots

The American Printing House for the Blind has a number of holiday
6. Gifts and Cards

and I am getting one of the
7. APH InSights Art Calendar: 2011 in Large Print/Braille,%20Single%20Copy_5-18971-11P_10001_11051
Description: This beautiful full-color calendar features the artwork of visually impaired artists. Suitable for low vision or blind students and adults or anyone who
enjoys unique artwork. 
Months, days, holidays, and moon phases appear in both braille and large print. This calendar can be used at a desk or hung on a wall and is ring bound
to allow pages to be folded over easily. 
Note: A special version of this calendar can be custom-printed with your organization's name for fund-raising purposes.
Catalog Number: 5-18971-11

APH also offers a
8. Guitar Instruction - Audio Disc Set $120.00
and many
9. APH Tactile Learning products
including this
10. Draftsman tactile drawing board
while the following sticker sets sound like they are inexpensive but full of fun potential:
Feel 'n Peel Stickers I
Feel 'n Peel Stickers IIand Feel 'n Peel Stickers: Nemeth Braille-Print Numbers 0-100

I also recently received the
Speak to Me Fall/Winter 2010 catalog
which is produced in 3 formats: print, audio CD, and internet email, just call 800.248.9965 to order.
There is also a text file of all products available at
This file is sorted by keywords and has a 'keywords' entry for each product to
assist you in searching.
You can also hear this catalog read online by browsing to
You can also browse the main Web site at .
While this site has a lot of things that are just plain silly and/or rude, it is a good place to find accessible digital recorders.
such as the Olympus VN7000 price $39.95 and the
Olympus Stereo 4GB and 8GB Digital Recorder
Olympus DM-4 And DM-2 Digital Audio Devices Are At Your Command To Deliver Super High-quality Recording and playback. Its large Color LCDs, Voice Guidance,
Intuitive Menus and Built-in Stereo Mics make both units the perfect tools for students and professionals to stay organized.
Text to speech, voice recognition
and DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) compatibility of the DM-4 makes it a great tool for the blind and dyslexic community. The DM-4 has 8
gigabytes and DM-2 has 4 gigabytes of internal memory for more than 2000 and 1000 hours of recorded sound, respectively. Both audio devices feature a removable
micro SD media card slot to further expand capacity by up to 16 gigabytes. The DM-4 and DM-2 operate for more than 20 hours with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion
battery that can be charged using the AC adapter or by connecting to a computer via USB. Each unit comes with an AC adapter, stereo earphone, USB cable,
carrying case, strap, Olympus Sonority Software, instruction manual and warranty Card.
Catalog code DM price $249.95

8Gb $295

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